GC Amicitia Zurich won the Swiss Handball Cup final by overcoming Pfadi Winterthur 30-28 after extra time. For the Zurich club, this is the first cup title since the merger of GC and ZMC Amicitia in 2009.

For Petr Hrachovec, the team’s Head Coach: “It was important that we stayed calm, especially in the critical phases, and stuck to our plan.”

According to Andreas Schenk, Investment Advisor - Athletes Wealth Advisory Desk: “It is remarkable to see what this team is able to deliver, despite injuries and limited resources. They demonstrate that with teamwork, willpower and discipline, anything is possible. We from PLEION are proud to be their partner.”

The two teams could also meet in the league’s play-off final, if they both win the upcoming semi-final series.

We are proud to be the sponsors of this incredible team and congratulate them on this achievement.

We wish them all the best for the semi-finals.

Click here to read the communiqué (in German) from GC Amicitia Zurich.

GC Amicitia - Swiss Handball Cup winners

GC Amicitia - Swiss Handball Cup winners - PLEION




A new leader among Swiss wealth managers is born:
PLEION and PROBUS announce their merger.

Sharing the same values and perfectly complementary, PLEION and PROBUS have filed a request for authorisation to proceed with their merger which will bring the newly formed independent Group to around CHF 4 billion of assets under management and 200 employees worldwide, including 60 in Switzerland. Patrick Héritier, currently CEO of PLEION, will take over the management of the new entity in Switzerland, subject to approval by FINMA.

When the two founders and main shareholders of PLEION and PROBUS first met in 2018, it was a simple discussion around a tactical opportunity in Monaco. But Antoine Darioli (PLEION) and Georges de Preux (PROBUS) immediately discovered common values and the same intuition about the exceptional complementarity between their companies and the common future potential.

Both companies have built on four decades of experience in wealth management (PLEION was founded in 1980, PROBUS in 1984) and have developed complementary skills. PLEION is very close to its clients based in Switzerland thanks to its six Swiss offices, a strong expertise in certain asset classes, an IT infrastructure and in-house development of proprietary applications. For its part, PROBUS has developed internationally with, in addition to its headquarters in Geneva, entities in Dubai, Moscow and Bangkok, proven expertise in emerging markets, fund management and private structuring (trusts, estate planning). Between excellence (PLEION in Greek) and integrity (PROBUS in Latin), the new Group's clients will benefit from a proven, efficient and broad spectrum of investment solutions from the outset.

To support this vision, the historical holding company of the PROBUS Group will become the umbrella company of the two groups and will bring together the entities at a global level, including in Switzerland the wealth management company PLEION SA (which will absorb Probus Compagnie S.A., again subject to FINMA approval), the consulting company Probus Advisory S.A. and Probus Trustees S.A. It will have four main shareholders; Georges de Preux and Bernard Bonvin, from PROBUS, and Antoine Darioli and Patrick Héritier, from PLEION, and will be administered by a board represented by them, whose essential function will be to supervise the orientation and development of the future group in Switzerland and abroad.

This joining forces on an equal basis will give the new Group the best possible chance of success, in an increasingly regulated environment.

The merger of PLEION and PROBUS, with its combined assets under management of nearly CHF 4 billion, will create a new leader in wealth management both in Switzerland and internationally.

The transaction remains subject to the approval of FINMA and other competent regulators.


About the new entity :

All group companies will be brought together under the current Swiss holding company Probus Holding SA, while the wealth management company Probus Compagnie SA will be merged into PLEION SA. With over 200 employees, including 60 in Switzerland, the Group will have six offices in Switzerland in Geneva, Bern, Nyon, Sion, Verbier and Zurich, as well as an extensive international presence in Bangkok, Dubai, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Monaco and Moscow through group entities. With nearly CHF 4 billion in assets under management, the Group is a new leader in wealth management in Switzerland and internationally.

On 1 February 2021, PLEION opened an office in Verbier in order to continue to build a close relationship with its clients in Switzerland. Domestic clients are a priority for the Group and represent more than half of the assets under management (CHF 2 billion). With offices in Geneva, Bern, Nyon, Sion, Zurich and now Verbier, PLEION is certainly the independent asset manager established in the largest number of cantons, thus contributing to its unique positioning.


 Serge Dorsaz, Carine Perraudin et Patrick Héritier 

Founded in Geneva more than 40 years ago, PLEION has recently undergone a phase of international (Monaco in 2018) but also national (Bern and Zurich in 2019) geographical growth. The Verbier office is in line with this development strategy.

"Even if the pandemic has changed the way we work by developing virtual relationships with our customers, we are convinced that a physical presence is essential to serve them in the best possible way and maintain a relationship of trust with them," says Patrick Héritier, CEO of the Group.

By moving into the former offices of the Landolt & Co bank in the centre of the village (Rue du Centre sportif 22, 1936 Verbier), PLEION wanted to give its new office a high profile. To run this office, PLEION called upon a Valaisan wealth management expert, Serge Dorsaz, assisted by Carine Perraudin, both ex-Banque Cantonale du Valais and Bruellan. Established for more than 10 years in the "Best Ski Resort in Switzerland" (according to the 2018 World Ski Awards), they are familiar with this demanding HNW clientele and will now be able to offer them all the resources of the PLEION Group (management expertise in all asset classes, consolidation and family office services).


Dear clients, dear friends,

This year, PLEION SA celebrates 40 years of existence. What a long way we have travelled together!

In 1980, PLEION SA was in its infancy, the Iron Curtain still divided the world, China was only the 12th largest economic power in the world and our planet only had 4 billion inhabitants ... but not yet Roger Federer. It is in this world, that seems so distant today, that the visionary founders of Plurigestion SA laid the foundations for what would later become PLEION SA, one of the major players in the Swiss wealth management industry.

The Company has successfully negotiated 4 decades, steered by a client-centric culture and key values such as integrity, trust, excellence, passion and strong convictions.

By way of example, we decided 10 years ago to develop our own portfolio management software, Top Invest, which, at the time, went against the trend to outsource such services. For us, it was essential to keep the development of this tool at the heart of the relationship with our clients, in order to be able to respond with agility and efficiency to their needs.

In addition, unlike most independent asset managers, last year we chose to be regulated directly by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. This means more discipline for us in terms of compliance and governance, and we are convinced that this is your assurance of our professionalism.

Over the last 40 years PLEION SA has grown considerably and now has more than 40 employees in Switzerland, dispersed between offices in Geneva, Nyon, Sion, Bern and Zurich. Drawing on the famous Swiss know-how, our Group also has multidisciplinary and international skills, notably thanks to its presence in Monaco, Mauritius and soon Luxembourg.

Growing up has never been an end in itself; it is a way to expand our range of services and solutions. To become better is the Greek etymological meaning of the name PLEION. Thus, we will continue to develop additional competencies, strengthen our partnerships, and develop new ones in order to always serve you better.

On behalf of all PLEION SA employees, who strive every day to merit your trust, we profoundly thank you for the privilege of having you amongst our clients.


Marc Wagner                                       Patrick Héritier
Chairman                                              Chief Executive Officer


Geneva, March 2019


As 2019 gets underway, it is with strong enthusiasm, great motivation, energy and pride that we wish to inform you about important developments concerning our company.

Today's world witnesses rapid and profound changes to which we have to adapt. We therefore focus our efforts on the modernisation of the group’s various activities and on the globalisation of our services.

In concrete terms, we have:

Standardised our identity by creating the brand PLEION to oversee all our different activities. In this way, we will establish our worldwide presence under a single designation. PLEION means “excellence” in Greek and is the symbol of our proximity and our promise to you.

Strengthened our international presence by strategically extending our operations to Monaco and through the opening of a branch in Bern. We want to be closer to our customers, our only focus.

Reinforced our investment office through the appointment of Mr. Benoît Derwael as CIO in 2018. We now benefit from the excellent and indubitable know-how of a proven expert and are able to act internationally with confidence.

These measures will enable us to further improve our performance, therefore contributing to our shared success.

We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and for our great collaboration. It is a privilege to be able to work with you.


Patrick Héritier

Chief Executive Officer

From 17.1.2019 PLEION SA starts with a branch office in Bern. The wealth management company PLEION employs 160 people worldwide, 60 of them in asset management. The branch in Berne will become active with 2 employees and is closely linked to the head office in Geneva. The branch will be managed by Roger von Rotz and Patrick Héritier.

Patrick Héritier, CEO of PLEION SA: "In combination with our strong presence in French-speaking Switzerland, we have now arrived in Berne and thus also in German-speaking Switzerland. That makes us very happy and is strategically very important for us".


Send us your queries:


Geneva (1.10.2018). PLEION is strengthening its core business with Benoît Derwael (50) in the function of Chief Investment Officer as of October 1, 2018. Benoît Derwael has a strong background in international banking industry. In his last role, he developed portfolios with an independent and strategic view and a strong focus on results. Derweal will head a team of 6 to cover a large investment universe. He decided to join PLEION mainly because the reach and the values of the company fit to his personal conviction that today's world demands more than ever an independent, open and rational approach for the development of investment strategies. Only with such an approach, excellent results can be achieved.

Patrick Héritier, CEO of PLEION: “The world is changing faster than ever. With Benoît Derwael we have an experienced and also dedicated CIO that will help to develop client focused strategies based on experience and overview.”

M. Robert-Philippe Bloch joins the board of Plurigestion. Bloch has a long experience in swiss private banking after his diplomatic career. He is also member of the board of Salt SA.
Since 1st of July, the presidency of the board of Plurigestion has been handed over to Patrick Héritier.
Sonia Casoni is taking over as our new secretary of the board.
Patrick Héritier, CEO and President of the Board: I'm very proud to have Robert-Philippe in our board. We are strengthening our presence in the swiss market together with Robert-Philippe.

Plurigestion SA (Switzerland) is proud to announce the launch of PLEION (Monaco) SAM in Monaco. From its creation, the new company will be in joint ventures with Plurigestion SA (Switzerland). It will be a strategic element in the growth strategy of the PLEION group.

Consequently, from 1st September on, Plurigestion SA (Switzerland) will become PLEION SA (Switzerland), and will contribute to the awareness of the international brand of PLEION.

Patrick Héritier, CEO:
“In creating PLEION (Monaco) SAM in Monaco, we make an important step to round-up our global network with offices in Switzerland, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Monaco and soon in Luxemburg. We move closer to our clients. With our new brand PLEION, we can implement and achieve our growth strategy to the advantage of our clients in Switzerland and abroad”.

PLEION is a privately owned international financial and technological services provider in Switzerland, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Monaco and soon in the EU. The company was created in 1980 and has seen a solid growth in all its businesses. Today, PLEION has 150 employees.

For further inquiries, please contact: info@pleion.ch

Plurigestion SA is focusing on growth in Switzerland, and on 1 May 2017 its Board of Directors chose former private banking manager Patrick Héritier as its CEO. His job will be to strengthen the company's successful business in Switzerland, and develop its presence in both the French-speaking and German-speaking parts of the country.Plurigestion is charting a new course with the appointment of Patrick Héritier: the creation of a CEO role especially for its Swiss branch should help establish a more focused and successful presence in the market.

Patrick Héritier has more than 20 years of experience in the banking sector. He began his career at UBS, where he was responsible for private banking in the Lower Valais region. From 2007, Patrick Héritier worked for Julius Baer, first in Verbier and then from 2013 as Member of the Swiss Executive Committee with responsibility for Bern, Central Switzerland and Eastern Switzerland.

Patrick Héritier is ambitious: "We have very consciously set ourselves the target of becoming one of Switzerland's most important independent asset managers by the year 2020."

Antoine Darioli, the main shareholder of Plurigestion, believes that Patrick Héritier's appointment marks an important step towards a successful future: "We deliberately chose an experienced manager who has entrepreneurial qualities alongside an excellent knowledge of banking business. This step will allow me to concentrate more on our successful international business activities."


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