Pleion and Probus announce their merger

Patrick Héritier, currently CEO of Pleion, will take over the management of the new wealth management entity.

Sharing the same values ​​and perfectly complementary, Pleion and Probus have just filed a request for authorization for their merger project which will bring the newly formed independent group to nearly 4 billion francs in assets under management and 200 employees worldwide, including 60 in Switzerland. Patrick Héritier, currently CEO of Pleion, will take over the management of the new management entity in Switzerland, subject to the authorization of Finma.

When the two founders and main shareholders of Pleion and Probus first met in 2018, it was a simple discussion around a tactical opportunity in Monaco. But Antoine Darioli (Pleion) and Georges de Preux (Probus) immediately discovered common values ​​and the same intuition concerning the exceptional complementarity between their companies and the potential common future.

Each drawing on four decades of wealth management experience (creation in 1980 for Pleion, 1984 for Probus), the two companies have built real poles of complementary skills. Very close proximity to its clients based in Switzerland for Pleion thanks to its six Swiss offices, strong expertise in certain asset classes, IT infrastructure and in-house development of proprietary applications. For its part, Probus has developed internationally with, in addition to its headquarters in Geneva, entities in Dubai, Moscow and Bangkok, proven expertise in emerging markets, fund management and private structuring (trusts, estate planning). . Between excellence (Pleion in Greek) and integrity (Probus in Latin), the customers of the new Group will benefit from the first hour of a range of proven, efficient and broad-spectrum investment solutions.

To carry this vision, the historical holding company of the Probus group will become the umbrella company of the two groups and will bring together the entities at the global level, including in Switzerland the management company Pleion SA (called to absorb Probus Compagnie SA subject to Finma authorization). , the consultancy firm Probus Advisory SA and the company Probus Trustees SA It will have four main groups of shareholders; the family of Georges de Preux and Bernard Bonvin, from Probus, and Antoine Darioli and Patrick Héritier, from Pleion, and will be administered by a college represented by them and whose essential function will be to oversee the orientations and development of the future group in Switzerland and abroad.


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